Paeonia rockii (Gansu Mudan)

We are pleased to offer a selection of these beautiful and highly sought after plants from the Gansu Region of North West China. Recognisable by the characteristic dark ‘flare’ at the base of the petals, Gansu Mudan are very tough plants, hardy down to -30°c. Growth is bushy and they can reach 2 metres in height and width (in time!). Resistant to most pests and diseases these wonderful tree peonies are heavily scented with large flowers (up to 18 cms)

However, due to the rarity of these named rockii varieties, stocks are limited.

Chinese Central Plains

This selection of Tree Peonies (named Cultivars from the Central Plains of China) are beautiful, easy to grow and very hardy once established (down to -20°c). Producing large fragrant flowers (15-18 cms) from April-June, depending upon variety. These tree peonies can grow to 1.8 metres in height and width and create a focal point for any border. A single cut flower can fill a room with its delicate perfume. They may be grown in large containers for a few years although prefer a sunny but sheltered, free draining site.

Species Tree Peony