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Peony suffruticosa

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Peony rockii

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Tree Peonies ('Paeonia suffruticosa' and 'Paeonia rockii') are hardy, medium sized, deciduous shrubs. Unlike the more commonly grown herbaceous peony (which produces shoots from a tuber then dies back to ground level each year) the Tree Peony produces woody stems which will grow larger each year, eventually reaching between 1.5 and 2 metres in height and/or width. Tree Peonies flower from April to mid-June, depending on variety, producing large, scented, single, semi-double or double flowers.

We offer 4-5 year old potted, named Tree Peony varieties, usually in 4 and 7 litre pots. Occasionally we do have large plants in 12 or 15 litre sizes.

Bare rooted plants can be supplied, in the Autumn, but they do need to be pre-ordered (preferably before end of July).

To order please:
phone 01944 758280

email: info@treepeony.co.uk

Tel: 01944 758280   email: info@treepeony.co.uk